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We've Remodeled!

If you shopped with us online before, you must have noticed some big changes! We have recently updated, glorified, and made the website much more user friendly, clean, and general awesomeness. Our information and social connections have been neatly gathered at the bottom of the page for quick access, checkout...

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About Us

I founded Leah B. Boutique in August of 2012 with the driving force of giving women an escape from high prices and unrealistically small clothing. We have all been to that place where everything is too small, too impractical, too scandalous, or too pricey and it's not fun. I wanted to give women of every age, shape, and size a retreat from the overwhelming department stores and expensive boutiques. I hand pick all of the items in the boutique with each of my clients in mind. I like things that are practical but stylish, bold but not ridiculous, and I try to keep my prices fair for any wallet.
Everyone always asks, who is Leah B.? Leah is actually my yellow Labrador. She is a Dudley breed, meaning she has pink skin and green eyes instead of the traditional black skin and brown eyes. She is a rescue pup.
I currently own and operate this boutique single-handedly; yes, you heard right. I process all orders, run the social media, order new products- the whole nine yards! I take this small dream very seriously as I am passionate about this journey I have started.